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Gems of the Elements: Part 1: Chapter 2
Farla leapt from the wall on to one of the roofs.
"I can't believe it." She said, viewing the inferno that had engulfed the city of Talern.
"Talern can't burn." She said, tears beginning to trickle down her cheek. "The town I have lived in all my life will soon be nothing but ashes."
She noticed a man in bright white robes walking through the streets and realized he was a member of the Brotherhood of the White Flame. She leapt from house to house, dodging the flames, until she reached and tackled him.
"Tell me how this blasted fire started!" She ordered.
"This city is unholy and it was the whim of Drakol that we burn it."
"This is not an unholy city." Farla said, pressing a dagger to his throat.
"Yes, it is." The man choked out. "Our great lord Drakol commanded that it burn."
"Who is Drakol?"
"I told you, he is our great and powerful lord."
"But who is he really?" Farla asked, pulling out a vial of Liquid Truth.
"Again, he is the mighty ruler who commands the Brotherhood of the White F
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Gems of the Elements: Part 1: Chapter 1
Tranesk slowly walked over the ridge. He saw the aging stone graves of his parents. As he approached the graves, he removed his black silk mask.
"I can't believe it's been thirty years since you two died." He said. "I know that I haven't killed them yet, but I will."
He began to remember the horrible day that his parents died.
"Please Dad, can't I go with you?" The young Tranesk pleaded to his father.
"I'm sorry son, but you're too young to join the army. And besides, the battles are far too dangerous for one as young as you." His father said.
"But I can handle myself on the field." Tranesk said.
"I know you can, but this would be different. These people would kill you without a second thought. But here," His father said taking out a black silk mask. "Take this mask. It has been h
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Gems of the Elements: Prologue Two
Soon, the group had decided to part ways on their new journey.
"So where are you heading?" Katren asked Tranesk.
"I'm just going to see my parents' graves. After that, well, I'll just see where the wind takes me." Tranesk replied. "How about you?"
"I'm just going to go back to my home village. Now that my task for the Shining Order is finished, I can rest." Katren said. "What are the rest of you going to do?"
"I'm gonna go back to The City, get back in the swing of things, take new jobs, that sort of thing." Farla said. "The Great One only knows what I've missed out there by now."
"I am going to research these gems. I know that I read something about them in my study, I just don't remember where."  Lintal said.
"I'm planning on the same thing as Tranesk; just see where the wind takes me. Pick up a good assassination job here and there, make some cash, and maybe even meet someone." Nerlos said.
"Well let's at least hope that we meet up again someday." Katren said. "Everyone, l
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Gems of the Elements: Prologue One
Five warriors, an archer, a mage, a berserker, a knight, and a thief were on a quest to find the five elemental gems. They had found the ancient maze where the gems resided. They had found a guide who was willing to help them. After much trekking with their guide, the small group of warriors slowly entered an ancient chamber. They all noticed the pedestal standing in the center of the room holding five crystals.
"At last, my friends, we have found them." The thief said.
"And we owe it all to our fine guide here." The berserker said.
"Well thank ya, ya young'uns." Their old guide said.
"We'll be sure to pay you when we get out of here." The thief said, passing the guide. "Let's move on everyone."
The five warriors walked towards the pedestal. Each of the crystals had a distinct shape; one was a searing flame, one was a flowing river, one was of the whirling winds, one of the crackling power of lightning, and one of the solid earth.
"They're beautiful." The mage said, as she walked up to
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The Seven Blades: Part One
"Ahhhhh!" I screamed, waking up from the nightmare. "Why do I keep having that dream?"
I got out of my bed and walked over to my reflecting pool. I splashed some water over my face, running my hands through my hair.
"Wait, hair?!" I yelled.
I felt all around my head, looking for my horns and snout. I only felt pointed ears and a smooth face.
"How did this happen?" I asked. "Why am I and elf?"
"Sontril, are you awake?" My mother asked, coming up to my room.
She dropped a silver platter as she walked in.
"What happened to you, honey?" She asked, flying over to me.
"I don't know." I said. "I just woke up as an elf."
"I knew this would happen one day." She said, obviously disappointed. "I just didn't think it would happen so soon."
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Son, you must go to the Shrouded Forest. Reach the center and challenge the seers there to a game. If you happen to win, then they will reveal the secret to your change." She said.
"How do you know?" I asked.
"Just trust me on this.
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The Lunar Knights: Part One
        Beware the power of the lunar light my friends, for it can do strange things to any man or woman's mind.
        It was the night of the full Moon. I was walking out in the palace gardens. The light of the Moon was shining down upon the small ponds scattered throughout the royal gardens. Although I wasn't a member of the royal family, the king had adopted me into his ward. By that time, I had already become good friends with the princess, Kathler. She and I decided the night before to meet in the gardens to watch the moon.
I wandered through the gardens until I found the bench we had decided on. It was one of the only benches left that were made of marble. It was cut smoothly and even agi
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The Starstone: Part Two
I slowly walked into the cave. The only light was coming from the glowing runes of my staff. The cave, I knew, was the Cave of Shadows. I felt the dark presence of the second half of the Starstone coming from deep within. I also sensed another presence, something even darker than the stone.
"I can't believe I've made it this far." I said.
As I walked through the cave, a bat flew past me. I could feel its fear as it flew away.
"That can't be good."
The cave soon became more of a labyrinth. I would have gotten lost if I hadn't had my staff and the gem replica of the light Starstone. The staff had activated an ancient life-form within the gem that had led me to the tainted lands. Ever since he had been awakened, I had been able to sense how any being was feeling. I sensed fear, I knew pain, and I even felt the joy of others. The spirit had already helped me on multiple accounts, but now, he was saying nothing.
I continued through the cave until I found some light. It was coming from a roo
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The Starstone: Part One
About two weeks later, I came into a small village. I still had no information on the tainted lands or the Starstone. My robes had become completely filthy from the long trip. I was greeted as I walked into the village.
"Welcome, fair monk." The woman said. "How may we of Weltrin help you?"
"I am passing through, but could use rations and new clothes. Is there somewhere nearby for such things?" I asked.
"Oh, of course." The woman said. "We were informed that a monk would come by, so we decided to prepare for his arrival. So I am guessing that was you the man was talking about?"
"I do not know any man that knows of my quest." I said. "So he must not have been speaking of me."
"T'was not a man, but rather a woman." She said. "She carried a large sword and a black half-star. We were told that a monk with a large staff would come to our village. So I was guessing that she was talking of you."
"Well I have lived most of my life in a monastery, so I know no women either." I said.
"Well we wi
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The Starstone: Prologue
The air was filled with the usual sounds of the choir's hymns. I was going about my normal duties in the monastery; washing the ground-floor windows inside and out, mopping the floors, the normal chores that no one wants to do. I always volunteered to do them so I could join the Brotherhood of the Starstone. The monastery was located deep in a long forgotten forest, so as not to be disturbed by people in need of easily handled assistance.
"When will they let me join?" I asked myself.
There was a loud knock on the massive main doors.
"I wonder who that is." I pondered.
"Let us in." Said the person that knocked.
One of the monks went to the door and slowly pulled it open.
"Why do you bother the Brotherhood of the Starstone?" He asked calmly.
There was a man in a full set of rigid, dark armor waiting outside.
"Excellent, this is the place." He said. "All right men, kill everyone."
Then, a large group of men wearing the same armor entered the monastery carrying large, blood-stained swords.
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Draconic Heritage: Prologue
"Faster!" Tikel yelled. "We don't have much time left!"
"I know!" Her twin brother, Lekit yelled back. "Just have patience; we have to be careful with this thing."
"Well he said the temple is going to collapse if we don't get the statue." Tikel said.
"Are you really going to trust what some old hermit said?" Lekit asked.
"I don't know why, but I do trust him. Remember what mom and dad said?" Tikel asked.
"Yes, I do; they said that we would have an important part in the world one day. But they didn't mean for us to go around, looking for our destiny." Lekit said.
"Oh well, the hermit said that this would reveal our destiny, and I want to find out what it is." Tikel said.
"Ok then." Lekit said sarcastically. "But you know; this would go a lot faster if you helped me look."
"Fine." Tikel said. "Now what color of statue were we supposed to find?"
"He said that the statue we need is red and shaped like a dragon holding a blank stone." Lekit said.
"Okay then." Tikel said.
She left to begin s
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The Dragon Corps: Part Five
"Sizaron!" Altrins yelled, waking me from my dream. "We're being attacked!"
I saw a deep orange glow outside my tent. I felt the flames burning all around me.
"How did they find us?" I asked, getting out of the tent.
"We need to put out the fires." Altrins said, coming up to me. "And I don't know how. It's only you and me here so we must have been followed."
"We need someone with control over water." I said. "You could use your wind though."
"Already tried." Altrins said.
"Why can't we have Laterniz?" I asked.
"How do you know about her?" Altrins asked.
"The dream I was having before the fire." I replied.
"I had the same dream, but we can talk about it after we get the fire finished!" Altrins yelled, starting to make the winds stronger.
He sent the wind around our small encampment, attempting to put out the fires. He had no luck.
"Go sister!" I heard someone yell. "We must help them!"
I looked up and saw two dragonesses. I recognized them from my dream, it was Witerin and Laterniz. The
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The Price of Love: Part Seven
"I think they didn't notice me." Alteros said, running through the ice-covered halls. "All that's left is to find that abomination."
He had been searching for the King of Ice for months. At last he had found the beast's temple. His mission was to find and kill the King of Ice, who was known as Kintros. The lands of Kentro, now being controlled by the brother of Kintros, Malenko, were named after him.
"I think I heard him over here!" One of the guards shouted, running the opposite direction.
"Move move move!" Another guard shouted.
"Perfect," Alteros said. "They're going the wrong way. At this rate I'll be at his chambers in no time at all."
He continued down the hall. It seemed to go on forever.
"Where is it?" He asked himself.
Then, at long last, he found the room he needed. It wasn't a room, but rather a cliff at which Kintros was resting beyond the edge.
"There he is." Alteros said, unsheathing his sword. "Lord Kintros, your reign has come to an end!"
"You are foolish to have come h
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The Price of Love: Part Six
About three hours later, the small group met at the bottom of the mountain.
"Everything go well on your end?" Asintol asked Zilon.
"Yep, and with you?" Zilon replied.
"Perfectly smooth." Asintol said. "Now what should our first stop be?"
"I think it would be best if we went to see Cinel first." Zilon said. "I'm sure that he would help us."
"Well where is he?" Asintol asked.
"He lives in a tribe of primitive warriors. And if I remember correctly, their camp isn't far away." Zilon said.
"Then lead the way, my dwarven ally." Asintol beckoned.
Zilon led them through the sprawling forest. After awhile, they came upon a small encampment filled with warriors moving about.
"Halt, who come here?" A guard asked.
"I am Zilon the dwarf, I have come with my two dragon friends, we are here to meet with your leader, Cinel." Zilon stated boldly.
"You enter, but remember, me watching you." The guard said, opening the gate.
"Let's move quickly guys, I'm getting a bad feeling from this place." The dragon
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The Price of Love: Part Five
"Unh." The dragoness said, trying to pick herself up off the bed.
"You're awake, that's a relief." A dwarf said, standing near her.
"What happened?" The dragoness asked. "And where am I?"
"Your friend Asintol carried you all the way here from the forest." The dwarf said. "You're lucky to have someone like him watching your back. But tell me, how did you even come to these lands?"
"I don't remember. The only thing I can think of is being trapped in those evil caves for the last three centuries." The dragoness said.
"Three centuries?" The dwarf asked.
"Yes, all I can remember from before that is living in Kentro." The dragoness replied.
"Well you do know what Kentro is like these days, right?" The dwarf said.
"No, I don't." The dragoness said. "Is it even more of a paradise than when I left?"
"I think it would be better that you here the truth from someone you at least sort of trust." The dwarf said. "Asintol, you can come in now, she is awake."
"Thank you Awin." Asintol said, walking in
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The Price of Love: Part Four
"Where am I?" Zilon asked himself, picking himself up.
"You were asleep, so I move you off mountain." Someone said, sitting by a fire.
"Who are you?" Zilon asked.
"Me called Cinel." The man replied. "I move you off mountain to camp that I leading."
"Why are you talking like that?" Zilon asked.
"What you talking about?" Cinel asked. "Me talking just fine."
"No, you're shortening all of your sentences; it makes you sound primitive." Zilon said.
"That because me and tribe are prim'tive." Cinel said.
"Ah, well thank you Cinel, for saving me." Zilon said. "But how did you find me, again?"
"Me left out hunting and saw you sleeping on ground, so me knew me had to help." Cinel said.
"Well thanks anyway." Zilon said, walking away. "How do I get out this camp?"
"It very small tribe, you just need find big gate at other side of village." Cinel said.
"Thank you very much, Cinel, I just hope that I can find a way to repay you." Zilon said.
"Me not want favor from short, rock-crushing man." Cinel sa
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The Star In Yellow - Part Four
A short while later, three quite damp figures dragged themselves back into the library. "Who knew saving Equestria would be so awkward!" Spike lamented, slumping himself down onto the couch, not caring that his wet frame was leaving a damp patch. "If only Twilight-" he looked up in alarm. "Twilight! Saddle Stitch, do you think Twilight will be all better now that we've destroyed everything to do with that book?"
"I don't know" Saddle Stitch muttered coldly as he started up the stairs. "It may do, but I think the best we can hope for is that Ms Sparkle will be reduced to a quiet, easily manageable gibbering wreck for the rest of her life. With any luck, the Princess won't even notice the difference."
"Why you!" Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes  and stormed up the stairs after the self-centred unicorn. "That's my friend you're talking about!"
"Quite." Saddle Stitch paused by Twilight's door which was now covered in wooden boards to seal it shut. He was about to knock, but thought
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